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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Under Siege - We're surrounded!

We are lucky to live in an area that has abundant wildlife. Our yard is home to many small birds, and at least one family of squirrels. The large cedar tree on the side of our house is also the home to a family of Raccoon. There have been new additions to the family each year, though the population seems to stay fairly constant.
The brown spot in the middle of the picture is their home.

A little closer

Nap time on a warm summer afternoon.
This fall we have noticed that there are now two families living in our yard, one in the regular raccoon homestead, and another group in a slightly smaller Cedar in our front yard. We enjoy having them around, and they have never been a bother. Well, that is until the past few weeks.
Open the door, and Raccoons come to beg for a handout - someone in the neighborhood is feeding them! They are not afraid of walking right up to you. This is not a good thing.

The problem came apparent a little over two weeks ago when one of the young Raccoons scaled our cat fence (first time in 5 years) and decided to come in the house for a visit. Luckily FloJo was on Guard duty that night and refused to let our uninvited guest through the cat door. We got out of bed and herded our visitor back over the fence and went back to bed. The next day we reinforced the fence and slept soundly knowing the little buggers couldn't get in now.

A few nights later we were in bed and Tricia heard the toenails clicking like a dog's across the floor. She jumped into action yelling and dashing through the house in hot pursuit of the house guest who sneaked in without the cats sounding the alarm. Down the hall towards the front door and the kitchen, Tricia quickly opened the door only to find one of his accomplices waiting to be let in. "Oh no you Don't" I heard as I followed down the hall. Luckily the house guest realized he had chosen the wrong house and made a hasty retreat out the door to his waiting friend. (Who I'm sure high-fived him for his bravery)

We are under siege! There are eyes glowing in the night all around us!
I am sure that on the two occasions since that night when the fence has been breached that our neighbors thought we were crazy yelling expletives into the dark to an unseen (to them) enemy.
The price you pay for living with wildlife. They are kind of cute, and as long as we can keep them at bay we are glad to share our yard with them.
We are planning to get an electric fence kit to deter any further incursions. Wish us luck fending off the masked marauders.


  1. They can be cute, but they're pesky. I live alone and hearing little feet run across my deck is frightening in the middle of the night.

  2. Try putting up a big picture of Davy Crockett wearing his racoon cap. That might work