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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Satara to Skukuza September 24th - only one day left!

As we started our drive from Satara to Skukuza, we began to realize that our wonderful adventure was coming to an end. We kept our eyes on the bush, (and on the road) to make sure we didn't miss a thing. Not too far south of Satara we saw a few vehicles slowing in front of us. Another Hyena coming towards the road. We stopped and he crossed right in front of us. after crossing he decided to check us out.

As he got closer to the car, I was taking photos and tricia was filming with the digi-cam. Soon Tricia started quietly saying "roll up the window", each time she repeated it, she was a little louder, until I turned the key to raise the window. I got it rolled up when he was about a meter away.

We continued our drive and made another stop at Tshokwane for tea and a huge slice of carrot cake. It was very busy this time, but we still find it a wonderful rest stop. After our break we were back on the road and decided to stop at Silolweni Dam and Leeupan. We caught these Saddle-Billed Stork at Leeupan.

Our day ended at Skukuza, a booming metropolis in the bush. Too many people, too many cars, too much noise. Despite all of that, we found our bungalow, and settled in for our last night in Kruger. We decided to splurge at the restaurant for a last Kruger dinner. The service was marginal and the food was poorly prepared and poorly presented. We left disappointed.
The highlight of our stay at Skukuza was watching all of the bats under the eaves at the outdoor eating area near the cafeteria, that was special. After watching the bats coming and going, and those already roosting, we made our way back to our roost for our last night in Kruger.
It is hard to relay in words how amazing this trip was. The sights, sounds and smells of Kruger are imbedded in our minds. The amazing things we have seen and experienced are drawn in indelible ink in our hearts and souls, we will never forget, and look forward to continuing our adventure next year, and for years to come. I will make one more TR post later, with our drive down the H-3 to Malelane Gate, and back into the world.

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