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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Last Day at Kruger

Our final morning in Kruger was a sad day for both of us. We didn't want this adventure to end, we needed more! I felt like an addict in search of more drugs, Kruger has become my drug of choice, and I needed to keep the high going. We dreaded the drive out of the park, and on to Jo'Berg and then America.A short distance south of Skukuza we stopped to watch a raptor attempting to pull a meal out of a hole in the side of a tree.

It was a sub-adult African Harrier-Hawk also known as a Gymnogene.It was interesting and amazing watching him contort his body and legs to reach inside the hole in the tree.
Back down the road towards the real world we pulled off and drove to the viewpoint at Mathekenyane and took a self portrait and a picture of the view of the bush.

Hopefully my self portrait is not confused with the group photos taken a little further south:

A little further down the road we saw a group of Impala, including this one who seemed to be scarred up badly, and very pregnant. I wonder if she survived an attack?

One last stop at Afsaal Traders for a snack, and then we were through the gate and back into the real world. I wish we could have stayed forever.A long journey back to Jo'Berg, followed by 26 hours in the air, and we made it home to Seattle. We were tired, drained, not looking forward to getting back to work, and missing Africa. After a couple of days we started getting back on track, though both still dreaming of the bush, and wanting to return.We are working out the details, and plan to return to Kruger for two weeks in October, 2010. Tricia and I are hooked on South Africa. We both feel free and at home in the bush, the worries of the world melt away, and the day to day rat race of the rest of the world fades quickly. Can't wait to return!


  1. I read all your posts from the start of your trip to Kruger and they were fascinating. I have been to Africa 14 times, but mostly North Africa, or for work or to visit family but never South. I’d love to go and see the animals in the wild – it certainly must be a great experience. Reading your posts, we feel like we are there with you. (I saw your comment on Monkeys on the Roof.)

  2. kruger is awesome, so great to hear of your addiction! i think that is an immature gymnogene? great photos tho. I shall enjoy browsing your blog. thanks so much for your visit to mine! good new year wishes to you!

  3. came here from Val's blog and have just enjoyed your "trip" through Kruger.
    You are right - we all make the mistake of trying to see too many places in too few days!
    I see you are thinking of visiting KNP again. I'd like to suggest you try and do one of their Wilderness Trails (book through their website). They are the closest you'll ever get to wilderness bush heaven and a 100 times better than the day walks from the normal camps.
    I'm working on the 2010 soccer madness that'll be taking over our country so am planning my own "recovery" adventure once it's all over :-)

    Once you get the African dust on your skin, it sinks in and takes over your soul

  4. PS I have a blue tortie colourpoint called Murphy Blu

  5. I'm envious of your travels. Thanks for sharing them.