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Monday, August 31, 2009

Eleven Days until Takeoff

In eleven days Tricia and I will "Take off" our work clothes, and take off on our second African Adventure.

No, we won't be catching a ride with the blue angels!

We won't even be taking a Ferry!

We are taking the scenic route from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia, connecting to London-Heathrow, and then traveling on to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Yes it is a long trip, twenty hours in the air, plus layover time in B.C. and London.

We are prepared for the long haul, with reading material, iPod tunes, pillows and sleeping pills.

Once we arrive in Jo'berg, we hit the ground running, and will drive on the left side of the road for five hours until we reach our first destination: The Sanwild Wildlife Sanctuary.

We hope to be able to post while we are in Africa, but it will be dependent on our ability to connect to the internet.

Look for new posts from the African Bush.



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