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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Less than 64 hours

Tricia and I are getting excited! Friday we board the plane for our 2009 African Adventure. We have both been packing and repacking our checked and carry-on luggage, making sure we have everything we need. After all my advance work, I am sure I'll still forget something, hopefully it won't be too important.

The last couple of days before a big adventure are always torture for me. My mind races through countless checklists, and I wonder what our trip will bring. This time I add driving on the opposite side of the road to what we Americans are accustomed to. Should be an interesting trip, and hopefully a short learning curve. I hope that driving a right hand drive postal vehicle for 12 years will help me with the adjustment.

We will keep you informed is possible, and hope to bring photos and a diary of our trip to the blog.

Peace to all,

Tricia and Norm


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time! I, too, hope to get to the continent sometime during this lifetime.

    Look forward to stories on your return!

  2. Have fun at the large cat rescue place -- stay safe. Love you guys! Your sister.