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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seventeen Days and counting!

Africa here we come.
It has been almost a year since our last visit, and we can't wait to return.
I guess it is true what they say about going to africa. It does get in your blood, and you will always long to return.
We started planning our upcoming trip while we were still in Africa last year. We apparently got bit by the Africa bug, and want to return and explore.
We leave on Seattle on September 11th in the afternoon – fly to London with a 9 hour layover – (We’re going to take the tube into the city and go to one of the street markets)

We fly out of Heathrow at 7:20pm – arrive Jo’Berg 7:00am on the 13th. Then drive 5 hours to the SanWild sanctuary. After a week there, we drive a couple of hours to Kruger National Park where we are spending an additional week. We fly back out on Friday September 25th and arrive at Dulles Saturday morning, short layover and back in Seattle around noon September 26th.
I hope to get a broadband account in South Africa so that I can upload photos during our trip, but will have to wait until we get to Johannesburg to find out.