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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dogs, Dames, and Detectives - Opening lines to a great (?) mystery novel

A steady rain pounded down in a staccato, like the hammering of keys on my Smith Corona. It was a cool wet morning as I sat in my office waiting on a client looking for her lost dog. I lit a cigarette and watched the smoke curl towards the ceiling, I didn't hear her enter the room, but I knew she was there by the scent of her perfume. A shiver went up my spine, Something told me this dame was lookin' for more than a little doggie. I spun in my chair, as she approached closely, bent down and handed me a fat envelope full of cold hard cash.

There was something strangely familiar about her perfume...and that lipstick, it matches the stain on my collar! What is going on? and how did I get here? "Hey Rick, how's the head this morning?" She hissed.
"Those were some mean Martini's you were drowning in last night." Martini's?, all I remember is sitting down at Murphy's bar and ordering a tall, cool one. WHAT IS GOING ON? Boy could I use a drink. She walked to the water cooler, and filled a glass. "That wasn't what I had in mind", I mumbled. As the water hit my face, it all started rushing back to me...........

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  1. Yes, a great start to a mystery novel. Where do you go from here?