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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There's a first time for everyone

Well, here I go. At 55 I am wondering what should be included on my blog. I guess I'll start with some photos of our trip to Africa this past fall. The background photo for this page is the view from our safari tent on our first night on safari.

Tricia and I traveled to South Africa for a photo safari during September, 2008. Our adventure started out on in chaos, as our flight from Seattle was delayed, which would have caused us to miss a connecting flight to London. We had planned to spend a day and a half in London to help us adjust to the time change, but now London was off the table. Luckily we were assisted by an amazing employee at United airlines who was able to re-route us to San Francisco and then on to Frankfurt, Germany, after a five hour layover, we hopped a flight to Johannesburg, arriving a day earlier than planned, and completely drained from a total of 28 hours in the air, not to mention the layovers. Once we passed through customs, we found a nearby hotel and crashed, pretty much sleeping until the next day. We returned to the airport and caught our connecting flight to the east coast of South Africa, and our final destination in Kwazulu Natal province.

By the time we arrived, it was late afternoon, and we weren't able to see much. The photo is the inside of our Safari "Tent"!
Our second day was another story.


  1. Hello Norman, My name is Delwyn and I've come to you via Meri. Are you her brother perchance?

    I am thrilled to find someone who loves Alison and Gillian!!!!
    We went to see Gillian and her husband in a little old concert hall in Brisbane a while back. We were right up the front and felt like it was a personal treat - what music...
    I look forward to Africa....
    Happy blogging days

  2. Yes I am Meri's brother. I am the middle child, the black sheep of the family.

    I am a roots music fanatic, and consier myself fortunate to be friends with some of the current and past members of Alison's band Union Station. We werecently saw Alison and Robert Plant in concert here in Seattle - What an amazing evening. A fine mix of Led Zeppelin and Bluegrass with a real rootsy feel.